FAQs / What professions or individuals benefit from obtaining Wellness Coaching certification?

Wellness Coaching can be dedicated occupation, but it doesn’t have to be. Anyone in a position to help and influence others can serve as a Wellness Coach by incorporating the science-based tools of wellness coaching into what they already do.

For example, many organizations, such as health clinics and health and fitness organizations include Wellness Coaches on staff. In other cases, individuals who already have positions within an organization cross-train so they can add wellness coaching to their skill sets.

These individuals include clinical professionals such as nurses, therapists, and medical assistants; teachers; social service  and public health administrators; and professionals in the helping professions, including massage therapists, yoga teachers, and personal trainers.

Community members also have a role to play. Whether it’s at home, at a faith-based organization, with the scouts, or just family and friends, wellness coaching skills makes people effective, empathic facilitators for sustainable change.

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