FAQs / How does wellness coaching differ from personal training, nutrition coaching or therapy?

Wellness coaches can be versatile, also working as personal trainers, nutritionists or therapists. But just because someone is a trainer, nutritionist or therapist, doesn’t mean they are a wellness coach. You deserve a unique approach to your own personal wellness goals, and someone to help you attain them. Not all allied health practitioners are qualified to do that. Your wellness coaching begins with questions about your expectations of wellness—why it’s important to you and what path you envision to achieving wellness.

A therapist may want to know about where you’ve been, but a wellness coach will focus on where you’re going. A personal trainer may assign you an exercise routine and a nutritionist may prescribe a special diet, while a wellness coach sees both elements as part of the bigger picture of your “whole” wellness. Your wellness coach also knows that getting to that point won’t happen all at once, but a little at a time, and that long-lasting results are what matter most.

The average physician visit is between six and eight minutes, but your wellness coach would never presume that brief sessions are the way to maximize your goals. You need time to recognize what motivates you and what holds you back. Your coach will be there “all the way” to help you define wellness on your own terms.

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