FAQs / What will make Wellness Coaching so impactful for my clients?

History reveals that most of us simply can’t make major changes alone, be it for lack of organization, lack of confidence, or lack of motivation. For many reasons unique to each person, we don’t finish what we started and we’re back to “square one.” A Wellness Coach’s presence in a client’s life can provide organization and structure. With a Wellness Coach, a client has someone to be accountable to–the expert–who will also inspire them to succeed and be the best they can be.

Wellness Coaches put the client at the locus of control. They don’t force anything on their clients. Many professions teach people to give their clients solutions, but disregard the well-established data that sustained change comes from within a person. All change is really self change. Imposing solutions on people may deliver some temporary benefit, but sustained change won’t happen unless the person “owns” the process of change.

Rather than teaching, advising, directing, or prescribing what another person should do, Wellness Coaches act as guides to help others forge their own unique path toward greater well-being. This is done through empathic conversation and employing science-based tools and techniques to support the self-change process.

The Wellness Coach’s role is to provide support: Change is a highly individual process. Each person is unique, and change is an ongoing process.

Wellness Coaches use an approach that is person-centered, relationship-focused, and strength-based.

This means that the person being helped is in the driver’s seat making their own decisions about what works and fits for them. It’s relationship-focused because Wellness Coaches are partners in the change process. They become a trusted guide within a collaborative partnership to help people make the changes they want, the changes that achieve the right results for each person and that fit with the person’s values, interests, needs, and preferences. The approach is strengths-based because it focuses on the skills, strengths, and resources a person already has, what they’ve already been able to achieve–no matter how big or small the achievement–and the skills they want to develop. It’s not about blame, deficits, or what went wrong in the past.

Wellness Coaches help people tap into all of their personal assets and build on even the smallest successes because that’s the fuel that nurtures change. When change is done this way, people not only enjoy the benefits of the change, but they develop a rich set of competencies that can help them in other areas of their lives.

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