FAQs / What is Wellness Coaching?

One-on-one coaching is a proven, effective tool to help people make positive changes and keep them. Wellness coaching is a collaborative conversation between coach and client that shines a light on a client’s unique skills, strengths, and resources. Coaching helps clients define goals that are important to them and uses science-based strategies to help them achieve those goals.

Wellness coaches don’t provide the answers or create plans for their clients to follow. Instead, coaches help clients determine how to take wellness into their own hands by guiding each client to explore their own reasons, desires, ability, and needs for making change.

This includes helping clients: imagine a preferred future, define health and wellness goals, identify personal strengths and barriers, set target milestones, identify and carry out achievable health- and wellness-promoting behaviors, track and monitor progress, problem solve and recover from setbacks, celebrate successes, and influence and inspire those around them.

Wellness coaches motivate clients to set and prioritize goals and then follow them through to completion. Wellness coaches help clients build confidence and self-esteem to make changes and create new healthy habits. Their presence in a client’s life can provide organization and structure. With a wellness coach, a client has someone to be accountable to– the expert—who will also inspire them to succeed and be the best they can be.

Wellness coaching draws on the principles and methods of motivational interviewing, positive psychology, solution-focused approaches, the transtheoretical model of change, cognitive-behavioral approaches, structured journaling, and newer approaches, including the work of BJ Fogg, Gollwitzer and Oettingen, Langer, and Dweck. Many of these approaches are part of the US National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

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