What Do Our Grads Say?

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Making Changes in My Life

  • This new change makes me feel better about myself and I’ve shed some excess pounds.
  • By making myself have the downtime to relax and just take it all in has been a great help.
  • I started writing again as I used to and it has been a great way to express emotions and just really focus my mind on something else beside what’s stressing me.
  • I realized that if I didn’t start to set good and healthy workout habits now, I never would start at an older age. Forming these habits now will help me be more willing to do it as an older adult, because it isn’t a foreign activity to me.

Nature in Our Lives

  • I really liked the quote, “This is your century. Take it and run as if your life depends on it.” I really like that this calls our generation to action and make a change! I’m inspired to look for ways to do more.

Social Wellness

  • I’m beginning to put myself in others’ shoes before judging.
  • I am going to try harder to take other people’s perspective before I judge the situation.
  • I realize now that I need to be a better listener and (try) understanding why someone feels the way they do.
  • I would like to improve my social wellness by putting myself in other people’s shoes. I know it will help me even when I’m upset and it is hardest for me to do so.

Nutritional Wellness

  • The attached meal plan helped me to get back on track!
  • Doing this activity showed me that I need to watch my sugar intake.
  • I learned how much I need to change in my diet. I’m clearly not eating well enough. I was surprised how little my veggie intake is and the sodium amount.
  • I plan to eat less sodium, and add more fiber in my diet.

Financial Wellness

  • I learned that I spend money on things that I don’t need, mostly food. Unhealthy food at that! I am not going to buy some fast food, I am just going to eat the food we have at home.
  • I spend a lot of money on food. I’m going to be more cautious of what I buy and how much of it.
  • During the exercise I noticed that I spend most of my money on food, with the occasional stop for gas when I need it. But overall I don’t spend too much money. I will try not to buy so much food, because not all of it is good for me and it may impact my nutritional wellness.
  • What caught my attention was just how much more I spent on the weekend than on the weekday. Of course it’s only expected that I would spend more money on the weekend but some of the purchases were completely unnecessary. Next week I’ll try to be more aware of what I’m spending my money on to avoid frivolous expenses

What I Notice

  • My emotions on this decision were mostly positive. I felt responsible and prepared for the next day, which I liked. I felt a surge of energy, like I was excited or ready to be productive.
  • I pick my lip, and I notice I do it when I become stressed or if there is a large issue in my life. I have become more aware of it, and been able to reduce it a little.


  • I learned how relatively easy it is to change your life and fitness levels simply by making small changes.
  • I was surprised about how much just sitting down can increase your susceptibility to dying from heart disease. I would like to learn more about what other small changes can be made, and how to stick with them. I am going to try to sit less and move around more.
  • I learned a lot about myself. And how in the evenings I could be more active instead of just sitting at home. I’d like to learn more about how people react when they see a physically fit person and talk to them about their lifestyles. I believe that when they do that, they most of the time want to follow in that healthy lifestyle, but because of their environment at home and their pre-existing habits, they fall short on this. I want to see how we can give that person the push they need to get into full gear.
  • I learned that it’s easier to keep up when you’re writing things down. I was surprised because it showed me how little I actually do until I was forced to document it and it helped me become more organized about my schedule.

Journaling for Psychological and Emotional Wellness

  • I’ve learned that wellness is more intertwined than I thought, as stress factors can lead to emotional distress and dietary habits which aren’t healthy choices.
  • I learned that wellness isn’t just staying healthy and exercising. It involves social, spiritual, psychological, emotional, and stress-related factors. I really liked the psychological aspect, the things about learned optimism and how to stay positive.
  • I was surprised that stress factors can lead to dietary habits, and I want to learn more about coping with stress.

Journaling for Nutritional Wellness

  • What I was surprised about was how easy their suggestions were.
  • One change for me is to try and have a more colorful plate, keep a variety of veggies etc.

Stress and Modern Medicine

  • I don’t take pills currently, but in the future, if I need them, I will remember that it’s not all about the pills, it’s also about how I live my life.
  • I will use the doctor’s advice and try to attack these issues head on to completely eliminate them.
  • I will always try to find better ways to handle my stress rather than automatically using pills to cope.

Active Listening

  • I used active listening techniques by repeating some of the feelings she expressed… I was patient with my listening and that felt good.

Conversations About Wellness

  • One of the things I tried to do to encourage the conversation was to try and shift the conversation to another direction other than just physical health. It surprised me how many people simply think of wellness being about the foods you eat and how often you work out. To be honest, before this course I used to think the same thing.
  • I tried to get them to think of a more holistic approach. Mental wellness and how you feel about yourself and how you handle stress etc. is critical. “So you mean like yoga?” one of them asked, and that was a step in the right direction. Focusing on ways to also clear your mind and see another side of wellness is another important thing I learned about.


  • I loved the perspective on the videos. Much of the information is not news to me because I view that it is my responsibility to lead people to health by example. I enjoyed the statistical approach to the last video and was really happy that a plant-based life was an important key to longevity!
  • I am a visual learner, so the videos were extremely beneficial. I also believe that you gain so much additional context through videos.

Tiny Habits

  • I love the idea and concept of the Tiny Habits. It has really made me think about where/how I want to apply this to my own life to make tiny habit changes.
  • I learned how to make steps that lead up to a bigger goal. What surprised me was how much easier the steps made the goal to achieve. I would like to learn more about how to keep up with healthy habits once you have formed them. One change I am going to consider making is planning my goals more, and setting up contributing steps to get them done. This helps the goal not seem so unapproachable
  • One thing that surprised me was how easy these Tiny Habits can be, since they are really “tiny” they can only take seconds to do. I will make a change by implementing more Tiny Habits into my life, since they seem to form and keep good habits in life.
  • Through taking this course, I have learned a lot about Tiny Habits that I could be doing anywhere I go in order to stay constantly active and better myself. I was surprised at how much of an impact these habits can have and how easy they are to remember to do.
  • I learned a lot about myself and how I need to get my act together when it comes to my health. What caught my attention the most is the little habits we create and sometimes don’t even know it, and its those little habits that could easily change my health for the better.

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