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Language of Caring, Science of Change:

How to Rapidly Improve School Climate (4 – 6 hrs)


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Available until: June 30, 2018

Language of Caring, Science of Change: How to Rapidly Improve School Climate


In today’s high-stakes, high-pressure world, students’ healthy growth and achievement is challenged. One factor that affects student performance is school climate. Positive school climate is highly correlated with good behavioral, academic, and mental health outcomes for students, as well as greater job satisfaction and lower rates of burnout and absences among teachers.

School climate improves when all members of the school community:

  • Communicate with each other using language that demonstrates caring and respect.
  • Use science-based strategies that help people engage with each other and in a healthy learning process.

This course will provide key strategies to help you transform your school’s climate starting today.


  • List the five key factors that contribute to school climate.
  • Describe the relationship between school climate and student well-being.
  • Describe the short- and long-term costs of poor school climate on student achievement and lifelong success and satisfaction.
  • Assess your own school climate based on the criteria described in this course.
  • Identify factors that would enhance your school’s climate if they were improved.
  • Describe how a language of caring can improve school climate.
  • Describe a framework in which to work on improving school climate.

Target Audience: School staff (teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses), educators, parents.

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Department of Labor: Certified Wellness Coach Bulletin and Curriculum