Sunrise - A new beginning for Wellness

A New Day, a New Strategy!

A Different Strategy

Let’s face it: A host of challenges related to people’s beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors–including epidemic obesity, chronic disease, substance use and addiction, stress, and other factors–are crippling people today, preventing them from thriving now and creating a better world for tomorrow. Current solutions for helping people change lifestyle behaviors aren’t cutting it. Bringing in the experts, introducing the latest technology, educating and telling people what to do, or launching another social media site help, but they aren’t enough. At IWE, we take a different approach to the problem—an approach that’s low-tech and scalable, and perfectly suited to the unique needs of each individual, business organization, or community.

Develop Solutions from Within

Why impose bandaid fixes by outsiders? Our solution is to empower people within families, organizations, and communities by training them as Wellness Coaches to:

  • Build awareness and motivation for change.
  • Offer comprehensive support for individual self-change and organizational transformation.
  • Provide visionary leadership and create an environment conducive to health and wellness.

Keep reading to learn more about a solution that works.

Certified Wellness Advocates

Certified Wellness Advocates are the grass roots force serving at the front lines to model, inspire, and propel wellness throughout the community. Advocates serve in the workplace, schools, and community organizations. They engage people in purposeful conversation and activities to encourage them on their wellness journey.

Certified Wellness Coaches

Certified Professional Wellness Coaches provide ongoing guidance and support to help people achieve goals that fit their needs, interests, and values. Coaches use cutting-edge, science-based strategies proven to work. They empower meaningful, enduring change among individuals and organizations using strategies that work best for each person.

Certified Wellness Facilitators

Certified Wellness Facilitators drive the wellness agenda through organizations. Facilitators take leadership roles to transform organizational culture. They communicate the belief that wellness is an imperative for the organization and plays a role in securing our national safety and prosperity.

We Wrote the Book

IWE created the competencies and curriculum for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wellness Coaching Registered Apprenticeship Program. Participating in IWE’s Wellness Coach training courses may count toward fulfillment of the Registered Apprenticeship Program requirements.

Department of Labor: Certified Wellness Coach Bulletin and Curriculum

Culture as Key

Make Health and Wellness the Norm…At Work and at Home

In companies with a strong culture of health, employees are 3 times more likely to report taking action to improve their health. At home, a culture of health and wellness is more than just eating healthy and being active, although those are important. A culture of health and wellness is about identity and values. It’s about building communities in which all citizens can be assured of a decent quality of life in all ways—mind, body, and spirit. IWE supports community transformation by training Wellness Coaches to guide, model, inspire, and support the change process.

Need Defines the Support

Flexibility and Adaptability

IWE’s model for how Wellness Coaches serve others is flexible. The most important principle is adapting to what the individual or community needs and values. This isn’t your standard 50-minute appointment or typical half-day workshop. It’s about what they need, when they need it, and the way in which they need it.

Focus on What Counts

It May Not Be What You Think

If there’s anything that research shows, it’s that the solutions to each person’s health and wellness challenges are as varied as the people themselves. That’s why our Wellness Coaches use a person-centered, relationship-focused model because it puts each person exactly where they should be: in the driver’s seat of their own journey. People stay engaged over the long haul when the focus is on them and their priorities and goals. It’s not “woulda, coulda, shoulda.” It’s about what counts for each individual.

Why It Works

Using What Works and Fits

At IWE, we focus on helping people discover strategies that work for them to produce the results they want and fits their needs, interests, and values so that they can sustain the changes they make. Sure, anyone can do something for a little while, but unless the strategy fits, it’s hard to sustain the effort.

The Power of Connection and Choice

It’s About Providing Support While Preserving Autonomy

There’s no magic bullet, but there is a winning formula. Strengthen the power of the connection between people who know and trust each. Offer practical tools to help people manage change individually and together. And demonstrate unwavering respect for each person’s right to choose what works and fits best for them. At IWE, we’re obsessed with helping people see the possibilities, together. From the grassroots to the corner office, together.

Change Is a Process

You Decide When to Press “Go”

Traditional programs often overlook that simple fact that the key to change isn’t always about taking action. It’s not about solving problems, strengthening willpower, or overcoming resistance. Change is about starting from where “you’re at.” And where you’re at could be “not ready.” And that’s OK. Because not ready for action doesn’t mean you aren’t ready to do something else, like talk about it or dream about it, or even plan for it. And take the action step tomorrow. IWE trains Wellness Oaches to model a respectful, empathic approach to the change process because sustainable change only happens when someone moves at the pace and in the way that works for them.

An Approach Grounded in Science, Used Artfully

The Science Informs the Art

IWE trains Wellness Coaches to use evidence-based approaches, but not slavish allegiance to one manual or theory or another. Evidence-based approaches only make sense when used in the service of human goals. It’s about applying the rigor of science to the art of change management. That’s what makes all the difference.

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